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A step-by-step guide to launching your side business for success.

We're eager to help the next generation of business entrepreneurs who are considering launching a side business. This toolkit can assist you if you are unsure of where to begin or would need additional information on maximizing your startup budget. And keep in mind that managing a business entails more than simply keeping track of figures; we've got some helpful advice on how to make sure your business's essential principles and beliefs remain intact.

What's Included? 📃

The Side Business Toolkit includes over 15 tools, with a mixture of both text and images that can help you design your side business from idea to business plan, to launch.

  • Get the Side Business Mindset
  • Find some ideas
  • Analyse your demand, find a niche
  • Map your competitors
  • Find your business name
  • Create your logo
  • Build your brand identity
  • Create your website
  • Create your facebook page
  • Create your first ads
  • Get hundreds of ads ideas
  • Run your first campaign
  • Grow your sales on TikTok
  • The double-or-nothing growth strategy
  • Build your editorial calendar
  • Automate your social network content strategy


➡️What types of resources are included in the Side Business Toolkit?
The Side Business Toolkit includes both text and image resources, as well as tools that are specifically designed for side business planning. Some of the included tools forecasts, marketing research, and feasibility studies.

➡️How much does the Side Business Toolkit cost?
The Side Business Toolkit costs $49, but it is a limited-time offer so get it while you can.

➡️Can I use the Side Business Toolkit to create a logo for my side business?
Yes, the logo design tools are really helpful in creating a unique and professional logo for your business. You can easily customize the font, colour, and images to make sure that your logo stands out.

➡️What is the main focus of the Side Business Toolkit?
We have a main focus on providing the next generation of business entrepreneurs with the tools they need to launch their side businesses successfully. We have both text and image tools, making it easy for you to find what you are looking for.

What others have to say ⭐

Andrew Bentley
Founder, Upcycle
"The Side Business Toolkit was very easy to use and had amazing features for negotiating with clients, networking, etc. It also includes great tools for perfecting your customer service to ensure customer satisfaction."

Garcia Smith
CEO, Bizra
"The Side Business Toolkit has so many great tools and tips on managing your business. It's not just a collection of random tools--it tells you what works, what doesn't, and how to do it. It gives you the tools to start your business."

William Richardson
HR, Zester
"This is such a helpful website. I came across it on Facebook and was able to learn a lot about starting my side business through the advice. If you are thinking about starting your own business, this website will help you with all the research!"

Emily Miles
CEO, Sprek
"I find this product to be so useable and informative but if you need something specific to fine-tune your business it's perfect. The tools included really helped prepare my business for success."

Matilda Bond
Founder, Tossup
"The Side Business Toolkit helped me gain a clear understanding of what going into business for myself entails. This helped make the decision clearer and less confusing."

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Side Business Toolkit

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