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Excel Tips and Tricks

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Excel Tips and Tricks

Darian Stone
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Become an Excel super-user with a step-by-step guide.

Microsoft Excel can be difficult to use and daunting for newbies. If you need to get up to speed on spreadsheets, Excel Tips and Tricks is here for you! Excel Tips and Tricks is tailored specifically for business owners who want the power Excel offers.

What's Included? 📃

With our 20 curated modules, Excel Tips and Tricks gives you everything you need to be an Excel super-user at work. The step-by-step guides allow you to become a master of spreadsheet software quickly!

You'll learn:

  • Excel basics - sum operations
  • Excel basics - manipulating figures
  • Excel basics - data extraction from a table
  • Conditions basic functions
  • Data reusage - lookup & friends
  • Dates function
  • Conditional formatting
  • Importing data from CSV
  • Build lists
  • Master pivot tables
  • Formatting data
  • Understanding special pastes
  • Filtering data
  • Using the right chart for the right idea
  • How to delete blank rows?
  • Select the last word in a cell
  • Clean data with find & replace
  • How to mix figures and text in a cell
  • Excel shortcuts (Windows)
  • Excel shortcuts (Mac)


➡️What are the goals of Excel Tips and Tricks?
Our goal is to help business owners be more efficient and effective with Excel. We cover everything from basic spreadsheet concepts to powerful advanced features. We have something for you whether you are a beginner or an experienced user.

➡️What are the target demographics for Excel Tips and Tricks?
Excel Tips and Tricks is aimed at business owners who are looking to take their spreadsheets to the next level. Whether you're a full-time accountant, an entrepreneur starting your own business.

➡️How often will Excel Tips and Tricks be updated?
Excel Tips and Tricks will be updated as new Excel features are released.

➡️How much does the Excel Tips and Tricks cost?
The Excel Tips and Tricks costs $49, but it is a limited-time offer so get it while you can.

➡️Does Excel Tips and Tricks have tutorials on how to use specific features in Excel?
Yes, we have a section that covers specific features in Excel such as importing data from CSV and excel basics. We also have a forum where you can get help from other Excel users.

What others have to say ⭐

Sebastian Hoppe
Auditor, Agile
"I am happy and satisfied that I stumbled on to this site. I was apprehensive at first, but as soon as I started reading the content and wondering how they could help me in using Excel effectively, I became more confident of how much value Excel Tips and Tricks can offer. It is proving to be a huge time saver!"

Catharine Price
Budget Analyst, Extero
"Excel Tips and Tricks is what I would recommend to anyone who needs help with spreadsheets. Unlike other sites for Excel, this site isn't afraid of being overly complicated or trying to exploit you."

Janelle Green
Finance Manager, Equix
"Excel Tips and Tricks has really helped me learn Excel. It contains so much information that I needed it's worth the money I spend on my subscription to this website!"

Isac Rempel
Budget Analyst, Activide
"I just wanted to say how excited I was to find this useful resource. When I first set out to learn Excel, it was a bit overwhelming. This has been a great resource for me and others taking on similar tasks."

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